Outlook Outbox Messages Appear Stuck But Actually Sending
Posted by Jeremy Kroetsch on 15 March 2019 08:08 AM

So that everyone is aware, we have noted an issue with a few clients where a message is sent from Outlook but then appears to be stuck in the Outbox. After looking more into this issue we have found that this is a bug that Microsoft is currently aware of and working on. It is not something that will affect all users and understand that the messages are in fact being sent/delivered to the intended recipient. 


Description of the Issue: 

- Users may see email messages stuck in their Outlook client Outbox after sending; however, the messages are being sent. 

- After a user sends a message, two copies of the message are seen in the Outbox folder.

- Shortly after sending, one of these message copies moves to the Sent folder while the other copy remains in the Outbox folder.

Estimated Time to Resolve:

- Based on current progress of the deployment, we expect the issue to be resolved within the next 12 hours. 

Preliminary Root Cause:

- A recent update changed a configuration setting, which is resulting in the Outlook client Outbox incorrectly showing email still pending to be sent.

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