Upcoming Ticket System Changes
Posted by William Shilson on 12 June 2019 08:43 AM

Information About the Upcoming Ticketing System Changes
As part of our company integration and continuous service improvement plans, we are moving our ticketing system on to our Viaje CloudHelp platform. This will enable us to deliver even greater support by allowing our teams to fully leverage all the skills and resources of the whole Calligo organization, while maintaining the familiarity of the support you receive today.  
What will be different?
When the migration takes place, the look and feel of the web pages, emails and surveys will change. With that said, you will still be able to access our support team via phone, email, and through our website. Appointed customer representatives will still be able to login directly to our CloudHelp platform to review and manage your company’s tickets.

In addition to these changes our Support Chat feature will be removed as this feature undergoes further development for a future release.

Please note email updates which are sent from the CloudHelp platform will not be sent from and a new sending address will be confirmed to you in advance of the migration, this will allow time to update any mail rules you may have in place.

Ahead of the Switchover
In the coming weeks we will be providing detailed information of the exact timing of the switchover, the changes you will see and that you have everything you need to be able to access support without any interruption.

During the Switchover
Extensive testing is ongoing ahead of the upgrade to the Viaje CloudHelp platform and we are working vigilantly to ensure everything is running as expected. We endeavour to be responsive as usual however if we are briefly a little slower in our response during the switch over please bear with us, but also feel free to give us a call so we can quickly deal with any issues or concerns you may have.